Bas-Relief Panels at Menkis Tower


1788 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver BC

Leon Menkis

3 original sculptures for casting into 21 concrete inlay panels

Sanderson Concrete

The concrete bas-relief sculptures located within the brickwork at 1788 West 8th Avenue were completed as an art commission for the building owner during the construction phase of the building. The owner had expressed a desire to enhance the architecture with natural animal figures as part of the exterior wall treatment on the new building. The resulting creative process involved the making of 3 clay bas-relief originals inspired by coastal animal imagery, and providing cast plaster copies to a precast trade for production into 21 brick inlay panels.  The concrete panels have withstood the elements of weather and remain a unique and personal touch to the facade of the building.

The work also included revising a method of anchoring the panels to the facade & coordinating with the structural seismic engineer on that design.